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All New 370Z & GTR Aero Components

We are currently in Final testing for some of our 370Z & GTR Aero components. Including our chassis mount wing , Canards and Diffuser System to make a complete Aero package for the 370Z . Our unique track tested designs are function based to help you get lower track times. Please contact us for current status of our Aero components and to pre order.

NARRA TTU Track Event

  EI Racing Prepped GTRs were at the NARRA Finals at Sebring both came in first (Bob K) and second (Angel S)
both days in the TTU class. Bob K was also able to pilot his GTR to a 2:16 lap time securing the TTU track record.
Both were running some new EI Racing aero and exhaust parts. Geat Driving Guys!  

fast parking

OLOA 2014


Project 350Z 2013 track upgrades

Project 350 will be heading back to the track in a couple weeks and for this years race season we have tweaked the car to try and get some lower lap times at Daytona and Sebring. Youll remember last year we fabed up some diffuser panels as well as a slew of little changes which worked out great at the track .This year we hope to continue dropping times and developing project 350. first off we got some more downforce by adding 4 degrees to our rear wing , strengthening the rear hatch and fabricating some new endplates for the rear wing


Next we made a set of custom carbon fiber canards for the front . Due to the surface area and angle of the canards we had support the ends so that during high speeds and high downforces they would calapse . We went threw a total of 3 prototypes before we got this final design.


Next we decided to pitch the willwood front brake setup and go with a popular akebono upgrade that not only added additional rotor size by almost a inch but had some nice anti knockback springs and overall a better package. We also are running only slotted rotors in the front as last years crossdrilled rotors had inch and a half cracks after Sebring. We also upgraded the pads with year to a set of hawk dtc 30 instead of the black compound to also make sure the pads can take the heat.


Last year we added some brake ducting with great success so this year not only will we have the brake ducting from last year but also some air guides to direct even more air at the brakes . We will be testing out two different prototype designs at Daytona to see what works best. This is the rough prototype in the pic.

We also dropped about 40 more pounds off the car as well as dozens of other small modifications that while small .... add up to a lot .

Project 350 Track upgrades

4/14/13 Daytona PDX testing

Upcoming Events

Customers Cars

2010-12-15 17.23.30.jpg

Road Course Top Times

Daytona Full Course
Bob GTR 1:59 
Shawn Vette 2:01
EI 370Z 2:11
EI 350Z 2:13

Daytona Short Course
EI 370Z :58
EI 350Z :59 
Kevin 350 1:04 

Sebring Club Course
EI 350Z 1:19 

Sebring Full Course
Bob GTR 2:16
Angel GTR 2:19 
Kyle GTR 2:22
Mike GTR 2:30
Shawn GT500 2:31
EI 350Z 2:38 

Bob GTR 1:14
Shawn GT500 1:20 
EI 370Z 1:22
EI 350Z 1:25
Juno 370Z 1:27

Top Drag Times

=== 6 CYL Pow Adder ===
Kerry -- GTR TU -- 10.4??
Bob ---- GTR TU ---- 10.991
Davin --- GTR TU --- 11.5??
Derek H - 300ZX TU - 11.884
EI Project - 350Z TU - 12.564
Mark O - 300ZX TU - 13.218
Matt --- 370Z SC --- 13.505
Rita B  -- 300ZX TU -- 13.593
=== 8 CYL Pow Adder ===
Chris - Mustang SC - 12.594
Dason - Camaro SC - 12.720
Dave O -Firebird- NI 14.227
DAVE O  Mustang NI  14.799
=== 6 CYL All Motor ===
Dwight -- 370Z AM -- 13.303
Steven --- 350z AM --- 13.987
Kevin --- 350Z AM --- 14.044
EI Project - 350Z AM - 14.313
Stewart  Maxima AM 15.428 
Robert - Magnum AM - 17.699
=== 8 CYL All Motor ===
Gabe - Camaro AM ES 12.065
Danny - Corvette AM - 13.284
Dave -- Firebird AM -- 13.646
Keith - Mustang AM - 13.824
Danny  Escalade AM  15.289
Dave - Mustang AM - 15.413
=== 4 CYL  Pow Adder ===
EI kouki - 240sx TU - 13.590
Gabe R - Evo 8 TU - 14.276
LLoyd L  VW GTI TU  14.639
Cuba ---- Mini SC ---- 15.742
==== 4 CYL All Motor ====
Lloyd L - 240SX AM - 15.135
Derek H  240SX AM  15.519
Ds -- Civic AM ES -- 15.621
EI --- Sentra AM --- 15.997
EI --- 200sx AM --- 16.358
Brandy - 240sx AM - 16.361 
Ikki -- 240sx AM -- 16.778
Cuba -- Civic AM -- 17.644
Paul H - Corolla AM  18.154
===== MOTORCYCLE =====
Jay - Busa 1300 AM  10.688
GABE R GXR 600 AM 10.916

AM = All Motor
TU = Turbo
NI = Nitrous
SC = Supercharged
ES = Engine Swap

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